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No matter your unique product goals, we help make them a reality. Join over 1,273+ students who have followed our proven methodology to go from idea to product to successful business owner.

What Is Product Sourcing School?

Featured across CNBC, CNN, and Enterpreneur, Product Sourcing School is an online education company that teaches people how to source, manufacture, & sell their first product in as little as 90 days as well as aiding those founders in accomplishing their unique goals tied to their products, whether that’s becoming a full-time creator, growing your business, sharing your product with the world, and more.

With thousands of success stories, Product Sourcing School is the #1 system for manufacturing a best selling product to accomplish your unique business goals

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From quality issues to a proven system for everyone wanting to manufacture their own product, I’m sharing my life mission and passion with all of you.

Think you don’t have time to produce your own product? That you’re too busy to make this dream, this goal of yours a reality? I’ve broken down how to manufacture a product and what it really takes—and you all have what it takes.

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Copy of Ecommerce Millionaires

Copy of Ecommerce Millionaires

The Underground Playbook to Eight Figure Brands

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Mold Breakeven Calculator

Mold Breakeven Calculator

Everything you need to start working with a factory

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The Product Profit Calculator

The Product Profit Calculator

Know how to produce a profitable product

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Learn From Our Free Podcast, Product Sourcing Stories

Product Sourcing Stories is the go to podcast diving into the ins and outs of manufacturing products. In this podcast, Nathan interviews everyone from first time founders to director of supply chains at Fortune 100s.

If you’re looking to learn more about product sourcing, give this podcast a listen. Available on Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and more!

Product Sourcing Stories

Product Sourcing School has worked with over 1,273 students in 27+ countries around the world.

No matter where you live or work, you have a product to manufacture. We’re here to help you accomplish that goal.

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