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Mold Breakeven Calculator



"Nathan and the team at Product Sourcing School really made the process of bringing my idea to life easy. I’d tried to manufacture my own watches before but failed. With their help, Thomas Felice is now a high growth watch brand."

Thomas Perretta, Founder of Thomas Felice


“If you’re looking to bring a idea to life, Product Sourcing School is the strategy you should follow. Nathan and his team are experts when it comes to manufacturing across Asia.”

Parker Burr, Founder of Feat

Always Know Your Mold Breakeven Potential

How many days have you thought about your idea ready to bring it to life...

Only to stare at that blinking cursor with no direction of how to manufacture your product?

At Product Sourcing School, we believe there’s a better way, and we believe the Mold Breakeven Calculator is the best first step because at the end of the day, ecommerce comes down to numbers.

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Your Guide to Knowing When You’ll Breakeven on a Mold

A Step-By-Step Path To Success

The Mold Breakeven Calculator is more than just a’s base to fully understanding how much your product will make and how you can adjust your costs to increase your profit.

Ties Into Product Sourcing School

Understanding the breakeven point of your mold is a key to the success of your journey through Product Sourcing School. By taking this first step to understand the numbers behind your product, you’re already a step ahead!

Complimentary 1-on-1 Coaching Call

We’re dedicated to your success as a founder. As the owner of the Mold Breakeven Calculator, you’re entitled to a complimentary 20 minute Sourcing Success Clarity Call, where you’ll work 1-on-1 with one of our Sourcing Strategists to get crystal clear on your product idea, your goals, and the roadmap you need to take to achieve them.

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The Brains Behind The Product Sourcing School

7 figure founder and founder of Product Sourcing School, Nathan Resnick had a single question on his mind...


What was the #1 challenge people face going from an idea to product...and how could he and his team help them solve it?

Through coaching over 1,273+ first timers as students in Product Sourcing School, Nathan and his team were very familiar with the challenges new creators faced; namely, the ability to clearly understand the margins behind their idea.

Together with his team, Nathan took the fundamentals of ecommerce and creating a best selling product, and created the Mold Breakeven Calculator.

The Mold Breakeven Calculator will ensure you know your numbers for a best selling product.

Where could you be 90 days from now if you accomplished the #1 goal for your product?

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Frequently Asked Questions


What Does the  Mold Breakeven Calculator Analyze?

We ask you the most important questions around your product so you can ensure the numbers make sense to manufacture it!


When Will I Receive My Calculator?

The  Mold Breakeven Calculator is a digital product and will be available right after you sign up!

Don’t Go Through Your
Journey As A Founder Alone.

You don’t have to feel like you’re all alone in your journey to creating a best selling book.

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