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According to a research study carried out by the University of Alabama and published in 2014, spending time relaxing in front of a blazing fire can have significant impact on lowering your blood pressure and causing you to become markedly more relaxed. While this is only one proven benefit, there are countless other benefits that have not made it into case studies but which nevertheless come to mind. 

For instance, gathering around an open fire for a barbecue is an ideal opportunity to socialize with friends and family, which is something that has become increasingly more precious in these days of lockdowns and pandemic-driven social distancing. One plus side to gathering around a fire is that one can keep one’s distance whilst still enjoying all the benefits of both fire as well as the socializing.  

With lockdown laws requiring that socializing be restricted to the outdoors, it became necessary to find ways to do so, not only in the summer months but also in the colder season. Naturally, first thoughts turn to a sure-fire solution … fire. This being the case, many people became very creative in their efforts to combine meal times and social events.  

Introducing the Solo Stove 

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at a company that started small but which is now taking the world by fire storm. Solo Stove first came into being in 2010 when brothers Jeff and Spencer Jan decided to join forces and collaborate on their first product – a super light camping stove weighing in at just nine ounces. 

It was built in the garage and was originally supposed to be the sole product of their e-Commerce venture. It’s super convenient to carry around for camping and road trips, needing only twigs and small sticks to get it going, or any handy pine cones or other dry brush.  

Once lit it creates a secondary burn which results in hotter fire with next to no smoke. With the unique Signature 360° Airflow Design, a super efficient burn is created whilst using nothing but sticks and twigs as fuel. 

You’ll need to keep adding fuel to keep it going, and the lower vent holes draw in air which heats up inside the double walled stove, creating a spectacular secondary burn as it ignites after leaving the upper vent holes. These upper vent holes are what allows the fire to burn hotter whilst emitting minimal smoke.  

The sleekly designed stoves are made from durable stainless steel and have an ash pan at the bottom which collects the ash and prevents it from clogging up the vital air flow. 

It also acts as a buffer between the stove and the ground, preventing the hot stove from scorching the ground beneath. The nichrome wire grating is what allows the oxygen to be filtered to the embers from below and this in turn causes the fire to burn hotter and faster. 

Added to this there is a cooking ring which directs the heat upwards towards the center of the pot/griddle, which maximizes cooking efficiency. It also acts as a kind of windscreen, whilst still allowing the oxygen to fuel the flames. And to add to this already incredible solution, Solo Stove offers a variety of grill kits and fireside accessories which can be used whether you are having a family barbecue or just S’mores with crew.  

Not only does Solo Stove offer camping stoves, but they also supply a range of fire pits for your patio or the back yard that will keep you socializing for years to come. 

The Yukon Fire Pit is 27 inches in diameter and can handle logs that are 22 inches long. Due to the fact that the fire burns hotter and faster in these incredible stoves, you may want to invest in some harder wood; otherwise your store of logs may run out quite quickly.  

A Battle Cry and the Incredible Results 

At Solo Stove, the employees are furnished with a bracelet with the acronym LEAD on it. This stands for Learn, Execute, Aspire and Deliver. This acronym is the battle cry of those who work at the company and it has been one of the reasons for their combined success. 

As each employee works to learn every day, execute their tasks and aspire to deliver exceptional service to every customer, they create more good memories than the day before.  

Due to exceptional customer service and product satisfaction, Solo Stove has reached new heights in brand loyalty, perhaps quicker than most start-up companies in such a short span of time.  

One of the attractive features of the Solo Stove products is that there is an ideal solution for suburban homeowners, city dwellers, campers and even those who are escaping on a road trip into the unknown. With so much versatility and being portable into the bargain, it is no wonder then that so many people are choosing to invest in a Solo product.  

It’s not hard to see why it became so popular with all those who used it, and why the word spread so quickly. Solo Stove hit the nail on the head when they decided on this niche for their business, but even they were surprised by how sales skyrocketed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.  

Create Good 

“Create good” is the mantra at Solo Stove, whether it is creating a good product, good moments and memories or a good life, it is clearly apparent that in all that they do, they certainly do create good. By bringing their A-game, what started as just a joint venture between two brothers has become a booming business that has flourished throughout the pandemic when many other companies are being forced to shut down due to lack of sales. 

They have the perfect product to supply the need of the current times by being able to turn the frustration of the pandemic and lockdown situation into an opportunity to gather around a fire in the open air and enjoy the ambience of the outdoors.