Your manufacturing partner is the backbone of your business.

Show them you care this Chinese New Year
by sending them
a special gift basket.

Gift Options

Factory information is kept confidential and retrieved after sign up.

$500 Gift Package

What’s Included:

A special gift basket with fruit, candy, accessories, and more.


Gift Package

Guaranteed to arrive before CNY

$1500 Gift Package

What’s Included:

Everything in the smaller package plus a handwritten note and higher quality items.


Gift Package

Guaranteed to arrive before CNY

What our Customers Say



Taylor O


“We started using Sourcify last year and giving a gift to our factory was a great way to show how much we care about them. I think we even started to see faster response times too!”


Harry T

Coolest Products

“If you want to show how much your factory means to you, gifting is a important part of Asian culture. This is a no brainer and if you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on production, giving a gift for CNY is the right thing to do.”


Susan H

Purple Swan

“Our factory started responding faster and lowering our defect rate after we started gifting them every holiday. Seems like a small thing to do but in China, gifts go a long way.”

Gift Your Factory

Gifting is shown by Harvard Business Review to increase awareness and retention of your peers. In a study by this University, receipts of gifts were shown to care up to 83% more than those who didn’t.

Your factory is a vital partner in your business. Show you care about them by gifting them this Chinese New Year.