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Before men’s hygiene and grooming products like Harry’s Shave Club, the subject of male grooming was a rather sensitive one. But thanks to Manscaped, the category has experienced significant growth.

Based out of San Diego, Manscaped Inc. is trimming a new path for men’s grooming tools. In 2018, founders and father-son duo Steve and Josh King first made their successful pitch on “Shark Tank,” citing their revolutionary idea as “the first brand to address men’s below-the-belt grooming and hygiene.”

The brand specializes in electric trimmers, razors, and skincare products. Each razor features thin blades which target sensitivity and avoid uncomfortable hair-yanking or pulling. While there’s plenty of men’s beard and body trimmers on the market, Manscaped provides expertly designed tools specifically for “manscaping,” while also promoting superior men’s hygiene.

Functioning as one of the fastest-growing CPG companies, here’s how Manscaped works to grow a confident and empowered male community that revolves around health and self-care.

How It All Started …

“We think we’ve really carved out a niche product,” remarks co-founder Paul Tran. “When we started [in 2017], we asked ourselves, ‘Are men ready for it?’”

Before the official pitch Shark Tank, Josh King came up with the idea for Manscaped when he was having a conversation with his friends. The group was swapping personal horror stories and shaving mishaps about manscaping gone wrong from using the wrong tools.

Josh approached his dad about his genius idea of tools targeted at the male area, and the pair teamed up to launch the company. But the company didn’t start as smoothly as they hoped …

When the Kings first launched Manscaped in January of 2017, they found it difficult to effectively market the products to their target audience; so much so that they were on the brink of closing the business.

After switching gears and turning to humor for marketing strategies — like live videos of the horror stories that had originally sparked the idea for Manscaped — the company started experiencing substantial growth.

A New, Quality Trimmer (That Bluntly States Its Purpose)

Upon their relaunch in April 2017, the Kings sold out 3,000 products in just 13 days. By the end of 2017, the company made $1.5 million in sales. When the company first asked the question, “Are they ready for it?”, they would quickly discover that some men were waiting for this exact product to be available.

In an interview with Paul Tran, Forbes asked the co-founder and CEO about the development of their products. Tran comments on that brand’s individuality and attention to detail; they don’t skimp on materials, finishes, design aesthetics, or active ingredients. “Everything we do is purely focused on quality,” says Tran.

Tran continues, “We’ve created premium dedicated tools for the purpose of trimming in the groin area.” Each tool feats waterproof capability and SkinSafe technology, which aids in preventing nicks and cuts.

Manscaped offers the Perfect Package 3.0 kit, which includes the essentials for the modern man’s manscaping needs. The kit contains the MANSCAPED precision-engineered tools, unique formulations, and accessories for an efficient routine.

The company’s recently launched Lawn Mower 3.0 features a 7,000 RPM motor, Li-ion rechargeable battery, ceramic blade, 90 minutes of battery life, and LED light for illuminating the trimming area. Combined, those features create a precise and safe manscaping routine.

Trimming Their Way to Success — One Razor at a Time

Manscaped not only offers excellent products but also offer genius and witty marketing tactics. They have mature advertisements on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to start a conversation and introduce the brand to their target audience.

While many people deem manscaping a socially unacceptable topic, Manscaped wants people to open up about their male grooming preferences and hygiene routines. Through cheeky humor, Manscaped has earned the right to speak to men about this particular grooming practice.

In addition to their strong social presence and digital advertising, they also have a prominent stance on platforms like TikTok and Twitter where the brand further introduces the brand personality to establish a sense of community.

While their marketing strategies are undoubtedly humorous, they’re also relatable — and that’s what attracts millennial and Gen Z men. Manscaped wants its consumers to feel the power to speak freely about their manscaping routine and the tools they use.

Tran continues, “Our job is to create the tools so that our users can have a safe and enjoyable experience while manscaping.” Manscaped’s created an entirely new category for their products. In just two years, the brand has achieved a 40x revenue growth. Their tools and skincare products are revolutionizing what grooming for the modern man looks like.

The brand aims to provide the right tools for millions of men worldwide.

While numerous products target male health and hygiene on the market, most of them only target above-the-neck trimming needs. Manscaped has taken on the challenge and created innovative, expertly designed products that allow men to go onward — or rather, downward — with their hygiene routine.

The Ingredients to Success

In 2017, father-son duo Steve and Josh King saw a gap in the industry of male hygiene. Since its original founding, Manscaped has achieved massive success in an entirely new category. The brand not only specializes in razors and trimmers, but also products like Manscaped Boxers, Crop Preserver, Crop Reviver, Magic Mat, and The Shed — together, these items create the ultimate, quality manscaping experience,

Tran pleads with consumers in his interview with Forbes, “We fully support whatever decision you make when it comes to how to want to maintain your bush. But if you want a proper trim, you should get the right tools for the job.”

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