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As a digital marketing agency or social media influencer, you’ve been there before.

A customer asks to see your work and maybe you have some case studies that showcase statistics like click through rates and conversion rates, but don’t cover the whole picture.

As a social media influencer, maybe you wonder how many sales a single post on your profile drives.

Questions like these deepen the gap for a potential customer to pay your agency or pay for a post on your page.

They want to see a full scope of everything going on.

At Sourcify, our goal is to make manufacturing easy. We produce dozens of different products each week and seek an avenue to showcase this ability.

You have the digital marketing skill or engaged audience as an influencer while we have the ability to swiftly turn ideas into products.

Let’s showcase this ability together.

What we’re proposing to a select few digital marketing agencies and influences is a joint venture case study.

Together, we pick a product or brand we want to develop.

Sourcify covers all costs related to inventory, supply chain, and logistics. Your agency covers marketing setup and ad spend.

We each cover our costs through revenue and then split the profit. Everything is shared data, from the manufacturer’s information to the audience of a high converting audience.

This simple yet effective way enables us to both showcase our abilities while potentially growing an awesome ecommerce brand.

Last case study as an example, we did $20,000 in a week with one of our joint partnerships.

If this interests you, apply using the form below:


We plan to do these case studies on a quarterly basis.

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