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In today’s world of ecommerce, one of the hardest parts of success is figuring out how to manufacture your products. Your product margin can make or break your business and poor quality can ruin your reputation with customers.

Taking this in mind, the team at Sourcify wanted to work with a leading ecommerce provider to see how we could benefit their users directly.

That is why we’re thrilled to be announcing our partnership with X-Cart today, a ecommerce provider powering 35,000+ stores in 111 countries. X-Cart is the leading PHP Shopping Cart Software that enables stores to smoothly sell online.

With their broad base of stores, the Sourcify team is excited to be able to work with new and compelling products.

Our goal is to make it easy for any ecommerce store to easily expand their product line, cut costs, or bring new products to life.

When a ecommerce store has worked with Sourcify in the past, we’ve been able to cut their unit costs by an average of 43%. This enables stores to have more money to use towards marketing their products or to take home a bigger profit.

Our mission at Sourcify is to make manufacturing easy for any company and this partnership is a leap in the right direction.

If you’re looking for manufacturing help, feel free to sign up for Sourcify using the following link: https://www.sourcify.com/sign-up

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