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Every entrepreneur gets incredibly lucky at one point or another.

So says Kyle Bergman, founder of Swoveralls, and one of the hardest-working entrepreneurs in online direct-to-consumer sales. Sweatpants and overalls arent a combination that falls into ones lap, though, and $100,000 in monthly sales certainly cant be attributed entirely to luck.

Bergman’s young company (less than five years old) has struck gold in the extremely competitive clothing industry, and professionals everywhere should take note of his path to success.

Project Product Passion

The entrepreneurs who find the most success are almost always those who start their business because of a passion for their product. If you throw a dart at a list of products and choose the one you hit to be your businesscash crop, chances are youll flame out.

Bergman began Swoveralls not because he particularly wanted to own a company or make crazy money, but rather out of the desire for his product. I was really just trying to solve a personal problem – sweat-pant overalls didnt exist, and I wanted a pair. Ive always loved overalls for reasons I cant really explain. Perhaps its the fact theyre a little unique to wear … yet functional and practical.

By doing fairly simple research, Bergman was able to find a supplier and delivery process, and the company was up and running. He invested $10,000 to begin the business, and less than a year later, he had been invited to appear on an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank.

Leverage New Technology

Don’t fall into the trap of relying on one social media platform or one style of advertising. Not all brands are suited to advertise on Facebook, but some simply must be to be successful, whether its in the plans or not. Kyle Bergman faced this issue when he realized he needed to expand into TikTok advertising and away from Facebook and Instagram.

While Swoveralls were created before [TikTok] even existed, it seems like they were made for the platform, and weve seen some insane growth there in the first half of 2022,Bergman said. Weve found success by doing a blend of organic content, and then hopping on trends, as well as replying to comments, and doing some giveaways too.

TikTok right now is like the good oldays on Instagram — a very desaturated channel with a ton of room for growth,he added. TikTok has helped, but we know we and almost everyone else are on the Facebook / Instagram struggle bus.

While some would be discouraged by struggles on two of the biggest social media platforms, Bergman takes it as an opportunity to grow. He said that this is a chance to build out other ways to connect directly with customers, like email or text.

Never Promise More Than You Can Deliver

There will always be challenges along the way, and the most important thing to keeping a business afloat is keeping customers happy. Customers become unhappy when theyre promised something that is then not available to them.

The saying underpromise, overdeliveris on the right track, but underpromisingis a lackluster business model. Perhaps it could be rephrased to simply say, promise confidentlyinstead. Swoveralls is as vulnerable to the markets tossing and turning as any other young company, but Bergman has his finger on the pulse.

[Our] biggest ongoing lesson continues to be managing customer expectations from a supply chain standpoint,” Bergman said. We used to add ~two weeks on to any product launch deadline just in case, and now thats growing into a ~four-week buffer as things continue to be unpredictable, but also prohibitively expensive in aspects too.

Swoveralls has maintained a steady consumer base throughout a remarkably uncertain few years for the economy and the world as a whole. As the light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter, Swoverallsfortune grows, and theyve recently surpassed $100K per month in recurring monthly sales.

Never Settle

In 2009, Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers led the Orlando Magic 2-0 in the best-of-seven NBA Finals. After the game, a reporter asked him if he was happy or not. The Black Mambas response was an instant classic:

Whats there to be happy about? Jobs not finished.

Swoveralls has come a very long way — but the jobs not finished yet.

The next year will include a brand new product, plus an added focus on our partnerships and licensing programs,said Bergman. Swoveralls has since launched two new products. Their Swovie Shorts come in fashionable colors and prints at lower-than-Swoveralls prices, and their next product, the Towcho, is currently taking preorders.

If Bregman had settled for being the best sweat-pant overalls on the market, or for selling $100K a month, or for making his appearance on “Shark Tank,” Swoveralls wouldnt still be building its brand and its revenue.

Instead, Swoveralls has found ways to make its processes sustainable and healthier for the environment. Getting products to consumers is a huge part of the buying process, and it accounts for a lot of pollution. Companies like Swoveralls that are intentional about sustainability arent always easy to find, especially for such niche products as sweatpants overalls.

Bregman believes going slower-ishis the way to move forward for the company, but keep your eye out for comfortable, fashionable overalls.

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