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Conferences are one of the most fantastic and rewarding ways to provide the best opportunities for networking, finding the latest new products, and discovering upcoming technologies, trends and so on that could help further improve your business.

At the end of the day, what’s better than getting out there and talking to more peers in your industry about your business?

Did you know that most big deals and partnerships come from in-person conferences? Sure, you can pick up the phone and cold call a retailer, but what’s better than meeting up with an actual representative of the company in person and showing them your product in person? Conferences will allow you to do that.

And if any of you are involved in e-commerce, this is a great opportunity during the 2019 year to hit the biggest and latest e-commerce conferences, as 2019 is filled with loads of them.

No matter where your business is currently located, there a chance to learn from the best, and expand your business throughout the year.

Here a list of some the top e-commerce conference coming your way during 2019 that you must attend:

1. eCommerce Innovation Summit

When: March 20-21, 2019

Where: San Francisco, California

Featuring speakers from: Ebay, Le Tote, Gap, Macy’s, Conde Nast

The Innovation Summit was created with online business owners in mind, especially with an amazing tagline stating “Optimize your e-commerce strategy.” Those who are behind the decision making that drives some of America’s largest online e-commerce forward will be here to give out some of the latest tips and tricks of the trade.

Sessions will cover such topics as branding, content marketing, data science, payments, SEO and much more.

If you’re in San Francisco during March, this is one of the e-commerce conferences that you need to check out.

2. B2B Online

When: May 14-16, 2019

Where: Chicago, Illinois

Featuring speakers from: HP, Siemens, Dell

This conference was created for executives working in the manufacturing and distribution arms of online retails. These are the folks who are in charge of marketing, ecommerce strategy and so on. The main goal behind this conference is to connect executives together “ to develop the tools they need to power innovative, future-looking omnichannel experiences.”

This is the 6th year of the conference and the previous ones received excellent feedbacks from their past attendees.

B2B Online is more of a “data-driven” conference. B2B Online brings together manufacturers and distributors to connect and discuss detailed tactics for innovating B2B eCommerce and digital marketing. Their annual program is created from detailed surveys and insights from past attendees, as well as months of in-depth industry research.

3. Imagine 2019

When: May 13-15, 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Featuring speakers from: Magento, Forrester, PayPal, Amazon, Pittsburgh Steelers

One of the most popular eCommerce platforms around the globe, this Magento hosted conference is the most anticipated one of them all.

With over 150 speakers and 100 unique sessions, it’s as comprehensive as they come. Over 3,000 attendees from all over the globe will be attending this conference for the opportunity to absorb their fill in mobile development, email marketing, data insights, payments and so on. There will also be Magento certification exams available on site.

Even though this conference is focused on Magento users, you will find many other types of e-commerce sellers attending this conference. Private labelers on Amazon FBA and Shopify store owners will also attend to network and meet industry experts.

4. Traffic & Conversion Summit

When: February 25-27, 2019

Where: San Diego, California

Featured speakers: J.J. Virgin, Frank Kern, Jeff Walke

For those of you who want to have more sales from your website, digital advertising or social media campaigns, the Traffic and Conversion Summit is the best place to learn. During the previous year, this event witnessed over more than 5,000 attendees from over 53 countries.

Traffic & Conversion is a conference that’s super popular among the startup and tech community. Their main focus isn’t e-commerce, but most of the digital strategies that they go over at the conference can be applied to any e-commerce venture.

Currently, not much has been said about this year’s event although there are still some months to go before they do, it’s one of the biggest conferences around in the United States. So expect it to be full when attending this year!

Most of the topics will cover running paid media and scaling it for your e-commerce site.

5. eTail West

When: February 19-22, 2019

Where: Palm Springs, California

Featuring speakers from: Kohl’s, Zazzle, Stitch Fix, DSW, Nordstrom

With a total of 3,000 attendees and speaker from nations containing the best retailers around, eTaill is one of the premier networking conferences for those making it in the eCommerce industry.

It’s a one-stop shop for senior level executives from top US retailers and brands. It’s an interactive meeting designed to connect you with innovative leaders in your industry to share challenges, find business solutions and build lasting relationships. It will be unlike any event you’ve experienced.

According to the events brochure, “With disruptive content, unique session formats and a focus on retail tech, eTail is designed to help you achieve omnichannel excellence and drive profits.”

Topics that should be expected from this event include AI, customer acquisition, conversion optimization, customer engagement, digital marketing, globalization, social media and so forth.

6. ShopTalk

When: March 3-6, 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Featuring speakers from: Nordstrom, Barney’s, DHL, Crate and Barrel, Pinterest, eBay, Walmart

Given the nickname “Retail’s Best Show,” ShopTalk is known for being the must-attend event for any retailer or merchant out there, regardless if your business is online or not. With over 8,000 people from 3,000 companies are expected to be a part of this four-day event, which takes place at the Venetian hotel and casino in beautiful Las Vegas.

Expected topics to be covered are checkout and payment experiences, fulfillment, logistics, company culture and so on.

Shoptalk is where the entire retail ecosystem comes together to create the future of retail based on the latest trends, technologies, and business models, including changes in consumer expectations.

You’ll learn in both small groups and large, including sessions, roundtables, dinners and one-to-one meetings. You’ll connect with your peers as well as potential new partners, and engage with a large and diverse audience. The conference will enable much of this with an industry-leading agenda and speaker lineup as well as with networking and collaboration programs powered by technology that brings thousands of you together for tens of thousands of personalized interactions.

Collectively, these activities are a catalyst for the retail revolution and help both you and your organization grow. That’s what makes Shoptalk retail’s best show.

7. The Social Shake-up

When: May 7-9, 2019

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

Featuring speakers from: TOMS, Facebook, IBM, LEGO, Twitter

Want to learn the best possible way to leverage social media better or turn more social followers into returning customers? Look no more! As Social Shake-up is the place to find such answers. Here are some of the topic you should expect to be covered; Analytics, brand evangelism, crisis management, Instagram marketing, Twitter branding, and social storytelling.

There also going to be an award ceremony for networking events and associated webinars.

8. IRCE @ Retail X

When: Jun 25-28, 2019

Where: Chicago, IL

Featuring speakers from: TBD

IRCE is your one-stop-shop for all your e-commerce needs. This conference and trade show offers you everything your business needs to stay ahead of your competition, in one simple location. IRCE @ RetailX will take place in the world-class city of Chicago, June 25-28, 2019 at McCormick Place.

IRCE’s conference offers strategic educational sessions on the topics that matter to you most. With over 130 sessions covering various topics and trends, your needs are met at IRCE. What makes our content unique is that it is curated, which means our speakers are not only knowledgeable but prepared with helpful, actionable presentations for you to learn from. Our agenda is created in part with the editorial experts from Internet Retailer magazine, so you know all the latest and greatest in the e-commerce industry will be covered here. With multiple tracks and in-depth workshops covering topics that matter to you, your perfect agenda yet is waiting.

The exhibit hall at IRCE features nearly 600 top solution and technology vendors, ready to help your business succeed in every facet. The exhibit hall at IRCE is the largest in the industry – ensuring you’ll find the solutions you need here. Whether you’re looking for new vendors, from shipping to email marketing to payment solutions, the hall has a solution provider for you.

The exhibit hall also features lounges and other break areas to ensure you’re getting the breaks you need, as well as the ability to seamlessly visit the exhibitors from RFID Journal Live! Retail and GlobalShop, thanks to the combined exhibit hall of RetailX.

9. Ecommerce Operations Summit

When: April 9-12, 2019

Where: Columbus, OH

Featuring speakers from: TBD

The Ecommerce Operations Summit provides insight and ideas to help your entire DTC operations achieve efficiencies and improved customer experiences. From warehousing and workforce management, ecommerce and contact centers, inventory and order management to payment processing; from pick, pack and ship to delivery and returns; technology, automation and systems integration, to transportation and global operations. All need to come together to create one seamless, cost efficient, customer-centric operation.

If you want to get more efficient, make customers happy, reduce costs, develop and retain the best people, ship faster, and find the right technologies and vendors, this is the annual event for you.

Ecommerce Operations Summit 2019 is the only event that is devoted exclusively to every area of omnichannel and DTC operations & fulfillment, including:

  • Delivering a Seamless Customer Experience
  • Improving Cross-Departmental Process and Communication Issues Between Operations, Ecommerce, and Marketing
  • Benchmark Data to Measure Efficiencies
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Omnichannel Strategy
  • Peak Season Planning and Staffing
  • Free Shipping
  • Returns
  • And so much more

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