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Phillip Moorman

Whether you’re launching a business for the first time and are in the depths of learning everything you need to know about fabrics or you are starting your fifth apparel brand, you can benefit from studying the best Shopify themes available.

As a refresher, Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows users to create online stores where they can sell their goods. With relatively little setup or know-how, an entrepreneur can organize his or her products, create a storefront, collect payments, track orders and much more.

When you use Shopify’s website to make an online store, the process almost seems too easy. In fact, the most difficult thing you may have to do during your website’s creation is selecting a theme for your apparel brand.

A theme is an outline that gives your store structure.

Every Shopify theme has its own style and layout, helping you create a catered experience for your visitors. Once you pick a base theme, like one of the options below, you can even edit your theme’s code to make it the perfect fit for your brand.

1) Fastor

If you want to get hands-on with your branding, look no further than Fastor. The Fastor theme allows you to tweak your fonts, colors and other design elements quickly and easily.

Although the Fastor features, from SEO optimization to custom social sharing widgets, sound amazing on their own, the best way to really gain an understanding of this theme is to demo it for yourself.

Under the default fashion demo, you instantly see an aesthetically appealing background with a pop-up box that offers a discount for customers who sign up for a newsletter.

About 93 percent of shoppers use some sort of coupon or discount during a calendar year. Since everyone appreciates a good deal, why not use the Fastor theme to make sure your customers have extra incentive to buy right off the bat?

2) Gecko

Your Shopify website’s homepage will probably serve as your store’s first impression. Since the main page of your website will get the most views, it’s often the most important page you can design.

The Gecko theme understands the essential nature of homepages, which is why it offers more than 15 amazing layouts. If this weren’t enough, Gecko takes it one step further to offer several shop layouts that are easily customizable.

You can even place product video thumbnails, tech specs and an add-to-cart feature on the same page with this theme.

3) Modular

If you purchase the Modular theme, you will have access to three minimalist, grid-focused designs. The first layout is Mayfair, which features full-width homepage videos, Instagram feeds and large image options.

The second design is Chelsea.

Out of the multiple designs, Chelsea is more feminine, fun and stylistic.

Last, but not least, Hoxton features a healthy amount of white space. Although it might seem funny to leave parts of your website bare, the right amount of whitespace improves readability and overall performance. It turns out Robert Browning really knew what he was talking about when he said, “Less is more.”

4) Banita

Banita can be used to create any type of store, but it’s specifically designed for fashion and clothing. With a simple drag-and-drop feature, you can choose from various headers, footers and other design elements.

Currently, Banita is getting a lot of good press for its banner generator tool; this unique feature makes it easy to market specific products and advertise create custom sales. With a little work, you’ll be able to draw your viewers’ attention to simplistic ads that are beneficial for your bottom line.

5) Ella

If you have multiple things to communicate to your customers, Ella is the solution for you.

The theme features information blocks that cleanly display various pieces of media and text. Whether your customers are on a desktop, smartphone or tablet, they’ll experience a responsive web design that is visually seamless across all devices.

The theme also helps your customers easily find the information they need with its Advanced Mega Menu Module. The module allows your customers to see the items they want—and are likely to buy—as quickly as possible.

In conjunction with the Advanced Mega Menu Module, Ella uses Ajax Layered Navigation; this specialized navigation tool enables shoppers to filter your products by size, brand, price and color.

6) Marvo

Apparel brands that cater to younger generations will love the youthful, refreshing look of Marvo. Not only can you use Marvo to sell your products, but you can also use it to market your store with a well-designed blog.

According to Jeff Bullas, a world-renowned content marketer, “Blogs open up a world without borders.” Since you are on Shopify, you can share your business with anyone who has an internet connection. In 2018, you need a blog to connect you with users from around the world to make them fans and customers.

Marvo also comes with an option to add Google Translate Engine into your store, further securing the ties to your international audience.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

There are a lot of ways to run an online store. However, a few Shopify themes stand out amongst the rest when it comes to e-commerce platform solutions.

Before you purchase a theme, spend time evaluating what branding you want your online store to present. Test out several themes and see for yourself where all your pieces fit together best. After a little tinkering, you’re sure to find a Shopify theme that fits your needs, budget and ensures your online store will grow.

Also, if at any point you need a little help selecting or editing your theme, Shopify has outstanding customer support. When you use the platform, you can find the answers to many of your questions on established customer support pages.

If at any point you still can’t figure out what’s wrong, you can reach out to a customer service representative directly for a fast answer, whether you contact him or her over email, chat or the phone.

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