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The number of online stores is increasing by the day. The amount of competition is increasing by the minute. The number of platforms that a brand needs to be on is also increasing. But so is the competition for attention. That’s where web push notifications come in! 

Web push notifications are similar to mobile app notifications. Only in this case, these push messages are sent by an online store to the internet user’s device – desktop or mobile, without the need for an app. These messages can be sent even when the shopper is not on your site, which ensures your campaign is reaching your audience in a timely manner. 

Because of how easily they let you target your visitors, web push notifications are a new marketing channel that large ecommerce stores like Leesa and Tiger Mist are aggressively adopting swear by. Stores are using them to not just recover abandoned carts, but also promote products increasing their sales. 

But, using web push notifications is more than just setting up the app. You also need a few catchy push campaigns to ensure you are driving more sales with this channel. 

Ways to use web push notifications to increase sales 

Before we begin sharing some of the tried and tested campaign ideas, it’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to using this marketing channel. The campaign ideas that work for one store are based on how their shoppers interact with the different campaigns.  

So, while each of the following web push notification campaigns will bring you results, you need to track how your customers are interacting with them. Optimize them based on the engagement rate to drive more sales. 

Now let’s give you some ideas for your first (or next) web push notification campaign with PushOwl

  1. Welcome new shoppers 

When a visitor turns into a subscriber, it shows that they trust your brand. Use that as an opportunity to further strengthen the bond. Send out a welcome web push notification that sets the tone for what to expect in the messages. You could also offer them a first-purchase or a welcome discount to nudge a conversion. 

  1. Recover abandoned carts

One of the most effective use cases of web push notification is to recover abandoned carts. You can set up a sequence of web push messages to remind the shoppers of what they’ve left behind, create a sense of urgency nudge them, or offer an additional discount to convert them quickly!  

  1. Promote a flash sale 

Flash sales or time-sensitive sales are big for online stores. Online shoppers are waiting for sale periods to make the most purchases at the best deals. But for your sale to be successful, it is important for shoppers to know the details about your sale – when, what and how long. With web push notifications, you can send your subscribers and customers an alert when the flash sale is live. You could even have a countdown campaign, reminding the shoppers of the upcoming flash sale and when it is about to end to create a sense of urgency. 

  1. Launch a new product 

Web push notifications are a promising marketing channel to use to launch products. You can share sneak peaks of your upcoming range, highlights of the product with compelling hero images or early-buyer discounts to make them look more appealing. Create a buzz around your new range and increase your sales at the same time! 

  1. Send back in stock alerts 

Some products run out of stock really quickly but continue to remain a hit amongst customers. Don’t miss out on interested shoppers  who couldn’t bag the product in a timely manner. Use back-in-stock alerts to let shoppers know their favorite product is now available. Remember to instill a little sense of urgency around the inventory in your web push notification message. 

  1. Notify about price drops 

More than half the shoppers on your store are price-sensitive. The reason many don’t complete a purchase is because they are willing to wait for the prices to drop or for some other store to offer a bigger discount to them. With web push notifications, you can let these shoppers subscribe to price drop alerts and let them know when the price  on their favorite product drops, driving them back to your store instantly. 

  1. Share product advice and hacks 

If you want consumers to trust your brand and come back to it often, ensure that you’re helping them make the most out of their purchases. Share product hacks or advice within your web push notifications to increase the credibility of your products. This is an effective way to ensure customers trust you, and eventually grabo more sales. 

  1. Show off your testimonials 

Consumers trust recommendations from other shoppers over some generic promotions. That’s because they believe there is no hidden agenda when such a recommendation is made. Use your testimonials, product ratings, and reviews in your web push notifications to assure shoppers about the quality of your products. Let shoppers know how well-loved your products are! 

  1. Promote your referral program

Another interesting way to use web push notifications is to promote your referral program. Referrals have proven to attract new and value-adding customers Use your web push copy to let the shopper know why they should participate and what they gain from referring. Nudge an action out of them by offering something valuable in return for referrals. 

If you have a referral program, don’t forget to read our post on how to promote your referral program to boost online sales.  

  1. Nudge a specific action from the shopper 

Apart from making announcements about promotions and products, you can actually use web push notifications to nudge the desired action out of the shopper. For example, you can ask them to create a wishlist in order to stand a chance to win a special discount. The notification brings back the shopper to your store and also gets you more data on their preferences when they complete the action. 

  1. Celebrate the smallest of events 

Take note of the days that online shoppers make the most purchases. While holidays like Christmas and New Year are definitely the time when consumers make the biggest of purchases, identify specific days during a month like weekends or payday. Use their reasons to be happy to drive more purchases with clever web push notification. See how Lavish Alice used pay day to drive more sales:

  1. Promote popular and limited edition products 

If there’s a range that is trending in the market or is available in limited stocks, use web push notifications to bring them in the limelight. Let shoppers know that the product is exclusive and is available only till stocks last or for a defined period of time. Make your web push notification as actionable as possible! 

  1. Send shipping notifications 

Your store is sure to start getting more sales from the above web push notification campaigns. But don’t forget about keeping the customer engaged till the order reaches them (and after too). Using automated shipping web push notifications, you can let the customer know their order status, when the product is shipped and when they can expect it to be delivered. This gives them something to look forward to and even effectively brings them back to your store. 

Want to keep the shopper engaged throughout their order journey? Learn how you can set up Shopify Flow with web push notifications to keep your shopper in the loop about their order

What web push notification campaign should you run? 

If you ask us, we’d say, all. But the very first campaign that one must set up is a cart recovery campaign. 

This way, you’re not losing customers who have already shown an intent to make a purchase even while you’re focused on turning subscribers into customers. 

But once you have your cart recovery automated, explore web push notifications and the different campaigns you can run against your products. Think like your shopper and get creative with your campaign messaging. The idea is to be able to understand the relevant campaigns your shoppers would want to see to nudge the desired action out of them. 

What’s the one web push notification campaign you swear by or have seen your favorite stores use? 

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