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The first step is content planning! 

Estimates and studies have stated that the average human sees about 5000 ads a day and in 2021 alone that number increased between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day!

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to start planning out your content, Ad tech went through a complete change in how tracking and reporting happens. So if you’re onplatform metrics aren’t as clean as they used to be, don’t worry! 

Content is now 60% of the reason why a campaign succeeds or fails so lets make sure yours don’t!

First thing’s first what type of content do you need.

  1. User Generated Content

This is where content creators on social media are paid to do demonstrations and testimonials for products. You can pay for individual creators or you can do campaigns in bulk when working along side an agency. You can learn more about how this content is increasing ROAS upwards of 300-500% by clicking here

  1. MultiMessage Content

Now this one is going to be crucial going into 2022 as it was highly underutilized with many brands this past year. Most people have heard of SMS messaging and platforms are now pushing MMS where an image, gif or meme is attached to the message.

There are 3 types of ways to execute on this strategy. There’s transactional messaging (thank you for purchase, tracking number etc), promotional messaging (10% of one time sale, last chance get your BOGO), and conversational messaging. Conversational messaging emphasizes the customer having  a real feeling attached to the brand and messaging. Funny, quirky, and real is what people crave, not a spam message that doesn’t apply to them. Get creative with your MMS and conversational messaging and you’ll see conversion rates skyrocket!

  1. Branded Animations

There’s a reason why Apple and Samsung market their phones with swooping animations of the phone. It’s classy, it demonstrates altitude in the brand and makes for a more desirable product. Many products are the same especially when it comes to skincare, or any accessory, so how you market and position yourself and your brand is key. Step your game up with renders and animations that’re smooth so your customers pay a bit of a premium for your products

Next you need a cohesive Social and Search Strategy

A one two punch of Social Media and Google Ads are crucial in order push awareness and the get the intent based purchase.

Right now tiktok and facebook are the hottest social media platforms to market your product through but don’t forget that SOCIAL will always push people over to Google, and Bing to search for your products. If you’re not there right in their face, then someone else is going to get the customer you pushed so much awareness for in social.

It takes up to 26 touch points online in order for a customer to convert between all paid media channels and email/sms so blending the two together is key! 

Now the big elephant in the room that I have to address is the following.

Social Media Ads – Easier to set up but need content to scale

Google Ads – Harder to set up and integrate, but less variables in scaling

This requires for you to really invest into product data, your Google Merchant Center, Google Ads account and Google Analytics to be set up correctly.

Shameless plug, if you need help with getting this all set up for your business then click here and we’ll do a free audit on your google set up.

Lastly You Need to Change the Way You Look at Data

Single Channel ROAS has been thrown out the window. You must start analyzing your data and performance based on MER (Marketing/Media Efficiency Ratio).

This is a similar metric to ROAS but encompasses all your paid media and organic media you’re producing as a business and seeing the efficacy of it

Incase you haven’t already, diversifying your traffic sources is needed going into 2022. You don’t want to be stuck with one channel, on one platform hoping and praying it works and gets you to 8 figures.

To learn more about the data changes happening in 2022 click here to read more

In conclusion starting out this year is fresh is clean. Mapout your content, plann out the shoots, focus on post production and then distribution of your media! 

Content is ev erything in this business because if people don’t know you they can’t flow you.

Here are some softwares to help you…

Additional resources




About the author Robert J Miller

Bio: Robert Miller is a digital entrepreneur that has built a multi 7 figure advertising agency working with entrepreneurs, eCommerce brands, and even publicly traded companies.

From strategy to execution, Robert has built and lead his 30+ member team to generate massive results for clients and has a passion for helping entrepreneurs grow.

The holiday season is almost over and even though the leftover hot cocoa and egg nog may have to go down the drain, your sales for your ecommerce store don’t have to follow suite.

So here’s how to keep your sales pumping as we head into the new year!

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