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If you’re feeling the stress from a rapidly changing world due to COVID-19, you’re not the only one. In many aspects, the world is nearly unrecognizable from what it looked like a few months ago. With growing numbers of confirmed cases, a shaky economic situation, and major social isolation, it makes a lot of sense to feel uneasy right now.

As the impact of the novel Coronavirus continues to rise, though, everyone is doing what they can to help. Many e-commerce brands, in particular, are stepping up and making a huge difference during this challenging time. Here are some of the many ways, e-commerce is helping:

Taking Advantage of Supply Chain Connections

Just like most other aspects of the economy, the supply chain has been affected by COVID-19. Luckily, it’s e-commerce retailers who are experts in navigating supply chain disruptions and complications. These retailers are used to communicating across the globe to fill orders on short timelines.

In a worldwide economy, unexpected events that disrupt the supply chain are common, but these people know the best ways to handle it when that happens. With their experience and established connections, some e-commerce companies are helping bring vital supplies to those in need.

For example, recently the state of Utah teamed up with a few private companies to purchase more personal protective equipment. Josh James, CEO of the software company DOMO, and Taylor Shupe, CEO of Future Stitch, worked together to bring in dozens of boxes of eye protection and face masks from a factory in China. They’re working to bring gowns and face shields soon.

Shupe’s experience working in manufacturing and the global supply chain allowed him to connect with factories who were able to produce this equipment and bring it to Utah. These shipments of protective equipment have the potential to greatly increase Utah’s urgent care capacity, which will likely save lives.

Keeping the (Digital) Doors Open

Between January and April, roughly 20 million Americans lost their jobs. Brick-and-mortar retailers, restaurant owners, event planners, and many others lost 100 percent of their customers in a matter of weeks.

Many e-commerce brands have been able to keep operations open, and some have even seen an increase in business. These businesses are helping to keep massive amounts of people employed throughout this crisis.

A few e-commerce industries that are thriving right now are those that offer at-home entertainment like games and puzzles. Home entertainment is all people have right now, so these online brands are working overtime to get people those small comforts.

Retailers that offer cleaning supplies, meal kits, or fabric that can be turned into a face mask are also doing quite well. These businesses are helping to keep small parts of the economy open while also staying safe. While so many things have shut down and so many people have lost their main sources of income, e-commerce retailers are keeping as much of the workforce employed as they are able.

Brands Supporting Brands

The sense of community that has developed over recent weeks is one of the most encouraging things to come from Coronavirus so far. Businesses are working together to help each other stay alive. Of all the anxiety-inducing things that are going on, this is one thing that can help cheer people up.

Nav, a company that works with small businesses to find funding, is one of those digital brands that’s helping companies survive right now. They’re simplifying the process for small businesses to apply for loans, and they help businesses learn how to improve their credit scores. This extra help is allowing many e-commerce companies to continue operating until this is all over.

Not only are digital finance companies helping out but companies across all industries are working together. Some brands are partnering up to improve their products, while others are simply helping promote each other. The combination of all of these things is what’s helping businesses stay alive.

Improving Well-Being

Let’s face it; this new Coronavirus world isn’t easy. Social isolation, decreased physical activity, and the loss of daily routine is taking a toll on the mental and physical health of millions of people. E-commerce brands are providing creative solutions to this Coronavirus problem.

While being unable to visit gyms and exercise classes, many people need alternative options for staying healthy.  Fitness brands that formerly offered their products and service at brick-and-mortar locations are shifting toward e-commerce.

For Planet Fitness, this shift involved partnering with iFit, a leader in the e-commerce fitness industry. The two brands combined their resources and clientele to offer at-home workouts and fitness classes.

Similarly, Peloton, a brand that offers both at-home gym equipment and digital workouts, had five times the number of app downloads in March as they had in February. People are looking to stay healthy while staying inside are counting on online fitness brands for help, and those brands are figuring out ways to get people the things they need.

E-commerce is contributing to overall well-being in more ways than physical fitness. Online retailers are creating ways for people stuck in quarantine to connect more easily, receive remote mental health services, and find ways to stay entertained.

During unprecedented times, it’s important to pay attention to health and well-being. The e-commerce world has had a major impact on people’s ability to stay active and mentally healthy.

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