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It’s no secret that a steady diet of fresh food leads to people feeling healthier and happier, but how often do we take that same level of care with what we feed our canine companions?

While there are countless choices in terms of dog food these days, the reality is that the majority of commercial dog food businesses are built around cutting costs rather than providing quality nutrients. For those who want to provide their pets with the best possible fuel for life, this just doesn’t cut it.

Which is why Jonathan Regev and Brett Podolsky co-founded The Farmers Dog to fulfill this need in the market. After years of first-hand research and honest effort, they now provide a service that can quickly and conveniently supply households with quality dog food without sacrificing the healthiness of it

By looking at where The Farmer’s Dog first began and why they are thriving, it then becomes clear that this dog-based business has certainly learned how to stay.

From Heartbreak to Hope

This multi-million-dollar dog food start-up all began with one struggling pup and her concerned owner. Podolsky’s Rottweiler Jada was plagued with health issues for almost two years, which not only limited her ability to enjoy life but also worried Podolsky about her long-term health prospects as well.

Nothing seemed to bring her back up to speed, and he began to suspect Jada’s diet of conventional dog food wasn’t part of the winning solution. So along with his then-roommate Regev Podolsky, they began researching and cooking homemade dog recipes for Jada, and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

Within a few weeks, Jada’s overall attitude and health improved dramatically. With the home-based diet being the only real variable in play, it became clear that the correct path moving forward was to shift this dietary experiment to become the new norm in their home.

The duo was so inspired by Jada’s progress they decided to dig deeper. They began to pool their resources around the idea of delivering homemade dog food directly to people’s homes.

Combining the quality of home-cooked meals with the speed of direct-to-consumer delivery was unheard of in the dog food industry at the time, and the end effect was the creation of The Founder’s Dog.

Both investors and customers were quick to take notice as they raised over 100 million in funding and distribute their products on a national level every day. What began as a journey to help one dog regain its health evolved into something which provides hope for all dog owners.

A Different Breed

Once the details of their business model were fine-tuned and funded, it was off to the races for The Farmer’s Dog. By always keeping an eye out for new developments in the world of dog nutrients, they built up a well of recipes.

These carefully crafted meals are not only delicious for the dogs, but also contain key ingredients they require like calcium, iron, and more to assure optimal long-term health.

This isn’t the norm in the dog food world, and the truth behind most dog food companies is that their food quality standards usually deteriorate as they grow to keep them profitable.

Why this might be ok for that business’ bottom line, for the poor pooches who end up eating subpar suppers, it can negatively affect their health in all sorts of unsavory ways. Along with typical digestive issues, a prolonged diet of low-quality food can affect a dog’s mental health and sadly can even shorten the length of its natural lifespan.

With the scalable practices of The Farmer’s Dog, a subscription doesn’t need to break the bank either, as meal plan costs start for as little as $3 a day. This amount can be adjusted in both the frequency and size as needed, and once you find your ideal rate, it automatically replenishes your supplies with an easy-to-understand delivery schedule.

It’s not often one can find convenience and quality coupled so seamlessly, but The Farmer’s Dog does indeed flawlessly jump through both hoops without fail.

Good Boys

The unique story of their rise set the Farmer’s Dog on the course of success, but what truly set them apart from the park was how they blended their business acumen while retaining high quality as they grew. They naturally expanded their businesses’ e-commerce presence throughout the USA, and with this market as their backbone, they expanded from coast to coast.

They continue to tinker with their business model to better serve their customer base and have now even moved towards customized meals. Each meal is designed by veterinarians constantly researching the newest and best practices so each meal will meet the unique dietary needs of each dog.

With their automated cooking and shipping schedules, the direct-to-consumer business model delivers exactly what each dog needs when they need it. The consistency of their logistics along with the high quality of food means the diet can properly settle in and take effect.

By blending convenience and quality without losing a step quality-wise, Regev and Podolsky found their niche in the market and have successfully supplied millions of homes with high-quality dog food.

The Farmer’s Dog seemed poised for success no matter what car they chase next, and they are already well on their way to achieving their mission of making all dogs happier and healthier.

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