Improve Lead Times & Cut Costs by Manufacturing in China

We've helped 100s of companies move their production to China. Let us help you cut costs, save time, and improve the quality of your production.

Complete Production Analysis

If you’re struggling to find a supplier in China we feel your pain. Hundreds of companies already using Sourcify have faced challenges finding the right supplier for their production needs.

For most, China is at the forefront of their mind when searching for a new factory. What companies don’t realize is how much they can save by avoiding typical sourcing agents and brokers that charge high markups to connect you with a factory.

Connect with Suppliers Across China

Our diverse set of factory partners across Asia enable Sourcify to give you the best options when it comes to exploring new manufacturing partners.

Tap Into Decades of Expertise

China has been the leading manufacturer in Asia for over 30 years, their experience with sourcing materials and production finished products is unmatched by any other overseas suppliers.

Connect directly with top Chinese factories to create high quality, low cost good when manufacturing at scale.

When you combine our production management software with our sourcing team in manufacturing becomes a strength in your business.

Pre-Vetted Factories: Don’t worry whether a manufacturer is a factory, trading company, or agent. The Sourcify team pre-vets every factory to ensure they are legit.

Fast Lead Times: Our partner factories are known to have some of the fastest lead times in the industry. Don’t let delays slow down your business or make you run out of inventory.

High Quality Guaranteed: Factories that we work with are known for producing some of the highest quality products in the world at competitive prices. Stop wasting time working with low quality factories.

Just starting to source products? Try our Factory Confirm Chrome Extension that enables you to analyze factories on Alibaba in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sourcify help my company transition production?

With our Sourcify network of partner factories, we start by analyzing your current manufacturing situation. We answer how much you could save by transitioning production to China. After this analysis is complete and if it makes sense to make the move, our team leads the transition to produce your products in China.

How much does this cost?

We have custom packages depending on the number of SKUs and production volume you are looking to analyze.

Where are your other partner factories located?

We work with partners around the world including Vietnam, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Mexico, and more.

Finding the perfect Chinese manufacturer can take months, with Sourcify it takes on average less than a week to get your first set of bids from verified factories.