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Finding a factory on Alibaba doesn’t get any easier — or more accurate — than this.

With a team of data scientists constantly refining our proprietary data models, you can rest easy knowing no other tool offers more accurate factory confirmations.

Source from anywhere in the world

No matter your location, Sourcify can support you in bringing a new product to life. Happy customers come from America, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, India, France, Italy, Germany, and more.

Make sourcing even easier when you combine the Chrome Extension with the
Sourcify Platform.

Real-Time Analysis

Analyze factories in real-time as you browse.
Imagine being able to feel confident about factories as you browse Alibaba. It’s not magic, it’s the Sourcify Factory Confirm Chrome Extension!

In-Depth Metrics

On it’s own, the Chrome Extension collects virtually every relevant metric you could ever want to know about a factory with a single click.


Get accurate, real-time confirmation as you browse Alibaba. Then, see a factory score, compare factories, and see which one you should work with so you don’t fall victim to fraud!

Chrome Extension & Platform

Together, our tools supercharge your production process by quickly pinpointing the right factories to work with and helping you manage your product from an initial idea to finished production run.

Start your research in the Chrome Extension or source directly on our Platform, connect with the right factory, sort your specifications, produce a sample, start production, connect with a freight forwarder, and sync up with a ecommerce platform to start selling.

With these two tools, there is no easier way to start sourcing. If you’re serious about bringing a product to life or cutting manufacturing costs, you should start now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between the Sourcify Factory Confirm Chrome Extension and Sourcify Platform?

The Platform is a powerful toolkit that runs in the cloud on our own website. It has a suite of tools that enables you to get the best priced product quotes, source faster than anyone else, and communicate clearer. In comparison the Sourcify Factory Confirm Chrome Extension runs by pulling data and utilizing our own artificial intelligence to produce a rating of a potential factory.

Can I Use Sourcify Factory Confirm Chrome Extension on My Phone/iPad?

We hate being the bearer of bad news but, unfortunately, Google Chrome does not support extensions on mobile devices (tablets/smartphones/ipads) at this time.

If, in the future, Google makes Chrome extensions mobile device-compatible, we will be sure to make our tools available for tablets and smartphones.

For now, though, we are limited to using the Sourcify Factory Confirm extension on our laptops and desktops.

Can I utilize both the Platform and the Chrome Extension?

Definitely. Many of our customers enjoy the benefits of being able to confirm a factory at their fingertips with the Chrome Extension and then utilize our platform to compare product quotes, source faster, manage production, and communication smoothly.

Zero in on the right factory and ensure
you don’t face fraud.

Download the Sourcify Factory Confirm Chrome Extension today!