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How a fast-growing apparel brand used Sourcify to diversify their supply chain.


When you’re one of the fastest growing online apparel brands in the world shipping tens of thousands of units a quarter, you need to ensure your supply chain can keep up. For Cuts Clothing, a LA based brand designing men’s clothing, their supply chain wasn’t cutting it.

For the first two years of their business, they’d produced primarily in LA, yet knew the needed to diversify outside America in order to have the margins to grow and keep up with the high production demands of their growth.

With that in mind, Steven Borrelli, the founder of Cuts Clothing, synced up with Sourcify, the world’s fastest growing supply chain solution. Steven had chatted with other sourcing companies before but what really excited him about Sourcify was their intuitive software that enabled his team to get production quotes from factories across Asia while also being able to easily keep track of their production runs.


What makes Cuts Clothing special is their fabric and with tens of thousands of units already in customer hands, the factories joining their supply chain had to be able to produce the exact same clothing. No detail was left to question, as the Sourcify team went to work ensuring the fabric, cut, and trim were exactly the same.

With the Sourcify software in hand, Cuts Clothing was able to sync up their tech packs with each corresponding SKU, keeping everything organized on their end and for the factories looking to send production quotations to Cuts Clothing.

If factories had questions about the tech packs, they simply messaged Steven’s team on the Sourcify platform, making communication seamless.

In a current production scenario, you typically have communication, quotes, and timelines spread throughout email, excel, and wechat. People get lost trying to remember what they said where.

With Sourcify’s software, every piece of your production process is streamlined and kept in one place.


Utilizing Sourcify’s software and team in Guangzhou, Cuts Clothing was able to diversify their supply chain while vastly improving their margins.

At the time of writing this, China tariffs were having a large effect on imports to America from China so Cuts Clothing decided to focus production outside of China.

They ended up having the ability to run production in the Philippines, India, and Vietnam. This gave them insight into unit costs across Asia while also enabling them to never be single sourced.

The Cuts Clothing team was also able to meet some of their factory partners face to face in a meeting coordinated by the Sourcify team in Hong Kong. (Buyer trips are always welcome at Sourcify).

Their unit margins increased by almost 60% and they now have margins to sustain their business, while also running a completely de-risked supply chain.

To manage production and start new production runs, all the Cuts Clothing team has to do is login to their Sourcify platform where they are able to see the status of each production run from quotations, samples, production, freight, and delivery to their 3PL.

As a organization that is now able to sync up their freight forwarder directly with their factory on Sourcify, even the freight process in their supply chain has become much easier to manage.

Now, Cuts Clothing continues to grow at a extremely fast pace and knows they have the supply chain that can keep up!


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