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Sarah Mooney

High recall value is an aspiration for brands big and small – and innovative customized packaging is definitely a way to get noticed and recalled by customers.

But when it increases your operating expenses, you may wonder if expensive packaging is really worth it? The simple answer, absolutely. As a brand you only have one chance to make a great impression – and what makes a better first impression than great packaging.

Great packaging need not however raise your expenses, there are ways to maintain your high packaging standards without raising your packaging costs.

Here are 7 hacks to keep your packaging costs in check while aiming for that fully custom packaging look:

1) Smaller packages = smaller costs

Making your package-size smaller won’t take away an ounce of its creative beauty but it will save you crucial dollars in the long run. Consider the sizes of all your packaging options and try cutting down a tiny bit; a few millimeters or so each. You’d be surprised with the total savings.

Cheaper manufacturing & cheaper shipping
Smaller packages naturally require less packaging material which means easier manufacturing and cost- effective shipping. Each order will weigh less and when done at scale leads to huge savings in the long run!

2) Keep it Eco-Friendly

Doing right by the planet, is something every brand should get behind. And surprisingly going eco-friendly can help reduce packaging costs. Did you know that recyclable paperboard is cheaper than regular white board?

Choose from a variety of cheaper natural materials

Research on the newer natural packaging material options, available in your area. Coconut husk, recycled polythene for bubble wrapping and cornstarch packaging could be among what you find. Given the whole green movement there are many options to choose from today.

Eco-Friendly means Higher brand value

When customers receive recycled packaging material, it makes a positive impression on them. This can add to your brand while taking away from your expenses.

3) Make it Pop with Colors, But Only 2

Here’s a fact: The most striking logos use either one or two bold colors instead of a 4-color palette. It’s not only cheaper but also more visually effective.

Use half tones for more colors

If you still feel the need to add varied colors to your packaging, use shades of gray shades to accompany the primary colors selected. This will offer the attractive gradient look you’re after without the extra cost of an additional color. Simple but so effective!

4) Limit the Layers

Think about how you’ve been packaging your items. If your products do not really require an inner box plus an outer one, then keep just one.

Customized layering

Are you using the same layering technique for all kinds of products? Different products need different packaging. Often when you hand over your packaging contract to one company, different product sizes will be taken into consideration but the nuances of individual layering options may get neglected.

5) Minimize Embossing and Foil stamping

Branding is important but some niche packagers, utilize fancy embossing and foil stamping. These options look great and add value to your brand and product. They also raise costs significantly.

Minimize the designs

Instead of covering the entire package, a well-placed embossment or stamp may offer a classier, more eye catching look and of course, cut your costs. Keep in mind that each stamp is additional expenditure.

6) Make it Thinner and Lighter

Though we’ve already addressed the point on making your customized packaging small, it is equally important to keep it light. A heavy, bulky package even if small in size, can cost you in shipping.

Ensure your lightweight material is efficient

Though paper is the lightest packaging material, it may not be the most durable during transit.

Hence, to achieve packaging efficiency, your packaging material should be protective, create a positive customer experience and be biodegradable.

7) Use a Customized Packaging Provider

If you’re like most ecommerce entrepreneurs you probably don’t have a whole lot of time to focus on packaging, that’s why we recommend that you work with a packaging professional to streamline the entire process for you. Companies like Arka can help you create cost-effective and high quality packaging to make sure your branding stays on point and under budget without the large MOQs.

You can even complete the entire creation process online with most of these companies so you don’t have to worry about emailing design files, getting on the phone and reviewing samples in person like you would with a traditional packaging manufacturer.

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