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We’re pulling back the curtains on the secrets behind six, seven, and eight figure ecommerce brands…

And we’ll teach you exactly how it’s done.


Learn from a 3 time six figure ecommerce founder, Nathan Resnick ←- That’s me!

  • Learn the exact methods I teach our students to turn their ideas into real product
  • Our “48-Hour Sketch Turnaround”, my personal method to turn any drawing into a rendering ready for production in as little as a weekend, without any technical skills required!
  • Sign up and learn our “Sourcing Diligence Secrets” to learn exactly what you need to know about a factory to guarantee they are legit
  • In this training, I’m also handing over my personal “Product Profit Calculator”, which will enable you to understand how much money your product can make to create a 6 or 7 figure business
  • Plus, get a FREE copy of my best selling book, Ecommerce Millionaires, The Underground Playbook of Eight Figure Online Brands

Your idea probably looks something like this right now

Your Idea 1

(Yes, that’s a drawing someone started with)

We then turned it into this rendering in under 48 hours…

Image 4

And Then a Real Product in 30 Days!

Image 1

Now it’s a six, soon to be seven figure ecommerce brand.

If you have an idea and want to start a $100,000+ ecommerce business, we want to show you how we’ve helped 1,273 people become a success story in Product Sourcing School.


Product Sourcing School

Join These & Other Successful Founders Who Take Action & Changed Their Lives

Thomas Perretta went from a 9-5 job to 6 Figure Founder of a High Growth Watch Brand

Thomas was working a tiresome 9-5 job for years and strived to start his own business. With the help of Product Sourcing School, he’s been able to turn this idea into a reality!

Alex Harper went from a broke college graduate with debt to 7 Figure Founder of an athleisure apparel company

Alex struggled to find a job after graduating and instead decided to start his own product driven business through Product Sourcing School. Just 18 months later, he is now on track to do over $1,000,000 in sales!

Ready To Learn How These Founders Did It?


Product Sourcing School