Take Your Idea From a Simple Drawing to a Rendering Ready For Production in 48 Hours

Your idea probably looks something like this right now

Your Idea 1

Or like this

Your Idea 2

A simple drawing is where every product starts. We then turn it into a nice rendering, using our “48-Hour Sketch Turnaround” so it looks like this, ready for production:

Image 4


Image 3

Then you learn how to find the right factory to produce your product in Product Sourcing School and complete a sample:

Image 1

This process has now been tried and tested by over 1,300 members of Product Sourcing School. 97% of people have been able to bring their idea to life.

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Your product then launches on Kickstarter, Shopify, or Amazon and goes on to sell millions.

Last week we just had a student do over $20,000 on a new product in the health & wellness space:

Image 6

Have a idea sketched out that is ready for the next step?

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